If you play Grand Theft Auto V you should recognize these arches and that building.Most of the architecture in GTA V are based off real world buildings.Like Lester’s factory, its based off Southwestern Bag co.Warehouse building in LA. For more real world GTA V landamarks check out this thread 

I decided to make them for you guys!.. well for my next house, but I figured i’d share them before I finish my next house .These arches are still a work in progress, i’m contemplating rather I should make some windows, but those colonial windows look pretty good..But in the meantime enjoy these WIP screens, I should be finished soon enough..

Oh yea I also made the Kitchen in the ” High class” apartment in GTA online, months ago.. never finished it, i’m not really a fan of it..Click here to see a picture of the kitchen. I recently got asked to upload to TSR!! So I figured I would post it there when ever I finish ( if it meets their guidelines). No worries I will still upload most, if not all of my stuff on my blog :)