Industrial Warehouse Conversion

Download Here

New content for this house is located here.

I tried to include links to everything that didn’t export with the house, and please read the instructions provided with the download.If you follow the instructions, almost everything should show up… except some patterns.I don’t know how to get them to show up.. I went a bit overboard with the amount of content in this house.When I  started I told myself to use a little amount of cc, but over the course of a month and a half, that sort of went out the window, as a result, the house is just over 250mb !.

I will provide an unfurnished version hopefully later this week.

I would recommend you install St.Clair for the save file to work.If you don’t have St.Clair, you don’t need to use my save.Most things should still show up if you place the house on a lot..



Living Room1

Living Room2



Art Room


Roof Terrace