Tolix Marais Set

Dining Chairs

Tolix A’Chair-$250
Tolix 18’ stool-$280

Living Chairs

Tolix A56 ArmChair-$275

Misc Seating

Tolix Counter stool-$285
Kayu Teak Dining Bench-$898

Dining Room

Kayu Teak Dining Table-$1,890

Deco located in Plants

Ornamental Plant-$70
Ornamental Plant 2-$170
Tolix Marasis Plant-$400

Deco Located in Misc

Drink Tray-$10
Beers and glasses-$10
Beer Bottle-$10

Deco Located in Misc & Sculptures

Kayu Teak Dining Cloth-$10


I basically made this set over night minus the chairs.

Thanks to Travis | | for showing me how to make the chairs.Everything was made by me.

Note: These are High Poly


Download Updated Bench, Table and A’ Chair Here