Set Includes


Andesite Sink

Andesite Vanity ( found in counters tab)

Andesite Wall Storage Open & Closed

Andesite Tub

Andesite Tub Shelf

Andesite Clothes Hamper ( requires townlife to function .. I think)

Andesite Vase and Sticks & Glass Vase and Sticks

Andesite Mirror 1&2

Pendant Lights:

Hektar Pendant Light with Chain & without

Victory Pendant

Industrial Light with Cage & without

Bar Chair

Victory Bar Chair

Dining Table

Victory Bar Table (Bar table Updated Click Here )

Wall Paintings

Belrose font Address Numbers 0-9 ( only in package. currently)

Clicky here to download

I wanted to do more but my computer is crappy.. nonetheless


ps. New house coming soon