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Craftsman House

Additional Pictures


Download Here

Unfurnished Here

Update/ Fix:

Heres a Library File you can place in your Library folder for this house.This should fix the issue when the house doesn’t show up or barely show up when placing it on a lot.Make sure to delete the house in your in-game library ( the one with the little purple symbol) after placing the file in your library folder.Be sure to use this house ( with little blue folder symbol) when placing on lot.

Download Here


Heres some stuff that I made for my upcoming house and a teaser of said house…Hopefully I will have finished recording and editing early enough to upload it tomorrow..

Over 20 objects included, including a new bathroom set ! ( a sink basin, mirror and vanity).I added thumbnails for most objects so you could see whats all included because I was too lazy to take some decent pictures.

Pictured above : Prouvé Potence Lamp & ChadHaus Credenza ( using that awesome pattern by wondymoon).The lamp that I can’t pronounce has 5 variations with different angles.


 Download Here

By the way, these objects are included in this set:

Bathroom sink, Mirror, Vanity, Wall lamp

Ladder on wheels & Ladder Bar ( actually made for these Cabinets )

Windows, and Doors.

Stair Wall


I’m still here, still working on the house, still making stuff for ts3 ( is ts4 even out yet? ).Just been super busy lately, haven’t had time for getting on a computer let alone the sims. Hopefully this house will be done this month. I made a few objects for this house so stay tuned for that..Not sure if I will release prior to or after I finish the house.

Pictured above: Back yard still a WIP, a modern looking credenza and a wall lamp that will be released with the house… or before.

Geometric Planters Set

I wasn’t really happy with this set, but it grew on me over time after continuously tinkering and editing and eventually finding a size that made the most sense to me, ( if you want larger plant I recommend downloading OMSP resizers Here ). That blurry back drop is a town by Horus called  Sims 3 Big Apple New York City World

There are a total of 14 plants.Collection File included.

Download Here

Sneak peek of up coming house. Hopefully I will have it done next month! Also I remember I showed a WIP of some geometric planters awhile back, but I wasn’t satisfied with final result.I’m pretty sure most of you would still like them, so I might release pretty soon.So be on the look out for them..