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Geometric Planters Set

I wasn’t really happy with this set, but it grew on me over time after continuously tinkering and editing and eventually finding a size that made the most sense to me, ( if you want larger plant I recommend downloading OMSP resizers Here ). That blurry back drop is a town by Horus called  Sims 3 Big Apple New York City World

There are a total of 14 plants.Collection File included.

Download Here

Sneak peek of up coming house. Hopefully I will have it done next month! Also I remember I showed a WIP of some geometric planters awhile back, but I wasn’t satisfied with final result.I’m pretty sure most of you would still like them, so I might release pretty soon.So be on the look out for them..


The house I am currently working on is taking a little longer then I wanted,its kind of hard to focus on decorating a fake house when i’m looking for a real house... but hopefully I will have it done some time this month.In the mean-time, enjoy this picture of my kitchen and some stuff that will be available for download with the house..

Oh yea and that chair along with some other stuff should be available next week if things go to plan!


Geometric planter with grass.

Too high poly for TSR so I will more than likely be uploading these plants here…Might remove some grass to lower the poly count a bit so the people with weaker machines can use it freely, but more than likely it will still be a bit high.