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The house I am currently working on is taking a little longer then I wanted,its kind of hard to focus on decorating a fake house when i’m looking for a real house... but hopefully I will have it done some time this month.In the mean-time, enjoy this picture of my kitchen and some stuff that will be available for download with the house..

Oh yea and that chair along with some other stuff should be available next week if things go to plan!

If you play Grand Theft Auto V you should recognize these arches and that building.Most of the architecture in GTA V are based off real world buildings.Like Lester’s factory, its based off Southwestern Bag co.Warehouse building in LA. For more real world GTA V landamarks check out this thread 

I decided to make them for you guys!.. well for my next house, but I figured i’d share them before I finish my next house .These arches are still a work in progress, i’m contemplating rather I should make some windows, but those colonial windows look pretty good..But in the meantime enjoy these WIP screens, I should be finished soon enough..

Oh yea I also made the Kitchen in the ” High class” apartment in GTA online, months ago.. never finished it, i’m not really a fan of it..Click here to see a picture of the kitchen. I recently got asked to upload to TSR!! So I figured I would post it there when ever I finish ( if it meets their guidelines). No worries I will still upload most, if not all of my stuff on my blog :)


Geometric planter with grass.

Too high poly for TSR so I will more than likely be uploading these plants here…Might remove some grass to lower the poly count a bit so the people with weaker machines can use it freely, but more than likely it will still be a bit high.